5 Disadvantages & Advantages Of Singapore Education

Singapore is ranked as one of the best for its high-quality education system in the world. Its education system merges the strategies of both western and eastern countries which makes sure to cover an all rounded approach. This education system has different levels like preschool, primary school, secondary school, junior college or polytechnic, and university.

Pros & Cons Of Education In Singapore

The pros and cons of Singapore education are listed below –

Pros –

  1. Academic Excellence

In Singapore, academics are taken seriously. The education system makes the students think critically and solve problems,  then by preparing students for the real world.

  • Strong In Math And Science

Singapore’s Universities make sure you really understand math and science subjects well if you are really good at these subjects. The students from Singapore have been performing exceptionally well in global tests like PISA.

  • Language Skills

English being one of the official languages of Singapore, it gives students an additional  opportunity to speak English well.  A second language like Mandarin or Malay helps students to communicate with locals better and understand their different cultures.

  • Safe Learning Environment

The Singapore schools are known for their  safety and support too. Their modern facilities and highly knowledgeable teachers make sure students feel safe and comfortable.

  • Global Recognition

Singapore schools are marked as a quality education which paves the way to a world full of opportunities as the graduation from their universities makes the employers well confident in giving opportunities to students from these grad schools.

Cons –

  1. Pressure And Stress

As the Singapore Universities are huge on their academics, it could sometimes feel like it is too much. The will of getting high grades could stress the student and affect them mentally and pressurize them during the preparation time of the exams.

  • Lack Of Creativity

The Singapore education system depends heavily on exams, which might end your creative thinking. It is a challenge to the students who are creative and inhibits them to think outside the box.

  • Competition

The students of the universities always try to do better than their classmates. In addition to the international students, well in their academics is also a problem for the students. It can create a tense atmosphere where grades become more important than overall growth.

  • Dependent On Tuition

Many students from these universities feel they need to get extra help through private tuition due to the pressure  situation in handling all the activities like homework, exams and assignments. In addition to this, this procures an additional cost implantation into the student usual spends.To do assignment submitted by teachers from University it is essential to hire a assignment helper.

Cost Of Studying In Singapore

Let’s talk about the amount of money that could be spent on education in Singapore.

  • Preschool – If you are sending your kid to preschool, it can cost anywhere from SGD 500 to SGD 1,500 per month. The type of preschool and how long the program also plays a role in the cost.
  • Primary And Secondary Education – If your child is in public primary or secondary school, the good news is that the government helps you in education. Their monthly fees range from SGD 5 to SGD 13 for primary schools and SGD 6 to SGD 25 for secondary schools.
  • Junior College And Polytechnic – While going to further upper standards, junior colleges have quite affordable fees ranging from SGD 120 to SGD 300 per month. For polytechnic college, the fee is a bit more, ranging from SGD 200 to SGD 470 per month, depending on the course.
  • University – The Singapore Universities can charge you a bit price. The tuition fees for local universities range from SGD 8,000 to SGD 9,000 per year for citizens.It is different and higher ranging from SGD 11,000 to SGD 32,000 per year for international students. In addition, there are good things in the form of scholarships that help you in education.

Conclusion –

The Singapore education system has its strengths but the balancing of pressure by improving creativity is also important. In the real world, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are a must for students. To make your education better, all you have to do is to focus on exams and try to reduce the need for private tuition. To avail a stress free education  one could opt for an Great Assignment Help in Singapore. Overall  development can be achieved by creating a supportive learning environment, prioritizing well being. By adapting to the change in needs of students, Singapore emerges as a global education leader while ensuring its graduates are ready to gain a world full of opportunities. The balance is the key that leads to aim for a system that combines academic excellence with personal growth.

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