Bruno Fernandes: Talented and expected starEuro 2024

With bravery and creativity, Bruno Fernandes has conquered not only the ball but also the hearts of fans. From baby steps on the field at Boavista to the bright lights at Manchester United, join Xoilac TV to explore the impressive journey of this Portuguese “Maestro”.

General information about Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes, born September 8, 1994 in Maia, Portugal, is one of the world’s most famous and classy football players. With a height of 1m79, he is extremely flexible and effective as a midfielder, bringing variety and creativity to every match he participates in. Bruno’s bravery and fighting spirit have made him one of the biggest stars in modern football.

Currently, Bruno Fernandes is an indispensable part of the squad of Manchester United Club, a famous team not only in England but also around the world. He has made an important contribution to the team’s success, from creating scoring opportunities to shining with important goals. Shirt number 8, which Bruno wears both at club and national team levels, is not just a number on his shirt, but also a symbol of his talent, dedication, and great influence. in the world of football.

Bruno Fernandes is not only a hero at the club level but also makes an important contribution to the success of the Portuguese national team. His leadership and diversity in play helped Portugal win the 2019 Nations League championship. The shirt number 8 on the national team is not only Bruno’s pride but also the pride of the entire team. national team, demonstrating his important role in the team’s journey.

Bruno Fernandes’s playing career

Bruno Fernandes's playing career

Together Xoilac TV Explore the impressive career of Bruno Fernandes, a journey marked by constant creativity and passion.


  • Bruno Fernandes’ playing career began at Boavista, where he began to make his young talent known. He then moved to Italy, playing for Novara and Udinese before joining Sampdoria in 2016. In Serie A, Bruno quickly attracted attention with his creativity and excellent scoring ability.
  • In 2017, his career marked a turning point when he moved to Sporting CP in Portugal. Here, Bruno Fernandes became an important part of the team and was a big driving force behind many of Sporting’s successes in domestic tournaments and European Cups.
  • In January 2020, Manchester United recruited Bruno Fernandes for a large transfer fee of 55 million euros. At Old Trafford, he quickly adapted to the new environment and became one of the team’s most prominent players. His creativity, passing quality and scoring ability have helped Manchester United regain their position in English and European football.

National team

Internationally, Bruno Fernandes officially joined the Portuguese national team in 2017. He attended Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018, before winning the Nations League championship with the team in 2019. As one of the important pillars, Bruno Fernandes continues to be an indispensable part of the Portuguese squad in international tournaments.

Bruno Fernandes fans’ expectations at Euro 2024

Bruno Fernandes fans' expectations at Euro 2024

Let’s get to know BrunoFernandes  What to expect at Euro 2024.

Mission at Euro 2024

Euro 2024 promises to bring spectacular and dramatic matches, and in the crowd of football stars, the name Bruno Fernandes especially shines. Expected to be one of the indispensable pillars of the Portuguese team, Bruno carries on his shoulders not only personal reputation but also the great responsibility of bringing the home team to the top at this major tournament.

Important contribution at Euro 2024

At Euro 2024, expectations fall on the important role of Bruno Fernandes, who has excellent passing ability, is skillful in creating dangerous situations and is equally delicate in the way he takes shots. distant. With his strength and creativity, he can help Portugal not only successfully defend the championship but also create beautiful moments, conquering the hearts of fans across Europe. During this event, Bruno Fernandes promises to be a source of encouragement and pride for all Portuguese football lovers.


Bruno Fernandes, with his talent and unwavering commitment, has become the pinnacle of football. Shirt number 8 is not just a personal title, but a spirit of leadership and pride for both Manchester United and the Portuguese national team. Follow Xoilac TV to update hot football news today.

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