Rúben Dias: A journey immersed in the sea of ​​fate and brilliant on the field

On the vast field of football, the name Rúben Dias is not only an excellent midfielder but also a legendary story filled in on the pages of football history. From the first steps at Estrela da Amadora to new chapters opening with Benfica and Manchester City, join Xoilac TV to explore the impressive journey of this Portuguese star.

Biography of the outstanding midfielder – Rúben Dias

Rúben Dias, full name Rúben dos Santos Gato Alves Dias, is a Portuguese football star, born on May 14, 1997 in Amadora. With creative eyes and strong footsteps, Dias began his journey from the small town of Amadora, where his talent began to blossom and become brilliant.

Rúben Dias’ career took off when he moved to Manchester City in 2020. With his excellent reading of the game and great leadership, he quickly conquered the hearts of fans and teammates. . Rúben Dias is not only an excellent centre-back, but also a symbol of perseverance and commitment in the world of football. His excellence helped Manchester City win important titles, and as one of the team’s heroes, Rúben Dias is writing a new chapter in world football history.

Rúben Dias’ career journey

Rúben Dias

Join Xoilac TV to discover the career journey of Rúben Dias, a football adventure full of creativity and success. From the first steps to the top, immerse yourself in the impressive story of this Portuguese star.

First Steps At Estrela da Amadora

With his little feet on the turf of Estrela da Amadora since 2006, Rúben Dias began his passionate journey. Here, he learned and developed his talent, marking the first step on the path to creativity and the pinnacle of football.

CF Estrela da Amadora: Where talent flourishes (2006-2008)

During his years at Estrela da Amadora, Rúben Dias not only learned techniques and tactics, but also witnessed the effort and passion that make a difference. His first steps were the foundation for a glorious career to come.

Benfica: Where character is formed (2008-2017)

Moving to Benfica in 2008, Rúben Dias went through the club’s youth academy before breaking into the first team. Here, he developed not only his technique and position on the field but also his leadership, which served as the foundation for his brilliant career.

Peak period at Benfica (2017-2020)

After the training period ended, Rúben Dias joined the Benfica first team in 2017. During this time, he was not only a strong pillar in the defense but also the team captain. His excellence helped Benfica win many titles and create a special mark in the hearts of fans.

Manchester City: OniontstalktohDokcao (2020-present)

In September 2020, Rúben Dias moved to Manchester City hoping to bring stability and strength to the defense. A short time later, he helped the team win the Premier League and the Federation Cup, affirming his position in world football and at Etihad Stadium.

Rúben Dias’ achievements and titles

Rúben Dias

Rúben Dias is not only an excellent midfielder but also the key to opening the door to great success for the team he is associated with. Below are the impressive exploits of Rúben Dias, who has adapted and distinguished himself at each stage of his career.

With Benfica: Conquer the domestic peak

During his time with Benfica, Rúben Dias contributed significantly to important championships. In the 2018-19 season, he and his teammates won the Primeira Liga championship, opening a new era for the club. In 2019, the Portuguese Super Cup also belonged to Benfica, marking unforgettable successes in the domestic arena.

With Manchester City: Premier League chaos

Moving to Manchester City, Rúben Dias became an undeniable pillar. Two consecutive Premier League championships (2020-21, 2021-22), along with the EFL Cup and FA Community Shield, are great achievements, increasing the strength and initiative of the black and blue defense.

With the Portuguese team: Big victory in Europe

With the Portuguese Team, Rúben Dias contributed to the historic victory in the UEFA Nations League in 2018-19. He is one of the team’s important museums, creating the foundation for Portugal’s ascension in the world of football.

Personal award: Personal moment of brilliance

Rúben Dias is not only an outstanding talent on the field but is also highly appreciated with individual awards. From Primeira Liga Best Young Player (2017-18) to the Premier League Best Player title (2020-21), he proves that he is one of the leading pillars of world football.


With an unparalleled reputation and achievements, Rúben Dias is not only an outstanding midfielder but also a symbol of perseverance and success. His journey from the early days of his career at Estrela da Amadora to the top with Manchester City and the Portuguese National Team proves that he is one of the biggest heroes of modern football. Visit the website: https://xoilactv.lat/ to discover hot news in the world of soccer.

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