Wesley Financial Group Reviews: Can They Really Help You Cancel Your Timeshare?

Are you dreaming of exotic vacations but are chained down by a burdensome timeshare? You’re not alone. Millions of families find themselves stuck with annual fees and unwanted weeks, yearning for a way out. Enter Wesley Financial Group, a company specializing in timeshare cancellation services. But can they truly free you from the shackles of your vacation prison? Let’s dive into Wesley Financial Group reviews, explore their services, and see if they might hold the key to your escape. 

About Wesley Financial Group 

Founded in 2011, Wesley Financial Group boasts over a decade of experience in the timeshare cancellation industry. They claim a 98% success rate, having helped over 15,000 families shed their unwanted vacation commitments. Their website paints a picture of a dedicated team armed with legal expertise and negotiation skills, ready to fight for your freedom. 

Reviews of Wesley Financial Group 

While the company presents a positive image, Wesley Financial Group’s reviews paint a mixed picture. Many clients praise their professionalism, communication, and ultimately successful outcomes. They appreciate the 100% money-back guarantee, offering peace of mind in a potentially risky endeavor. However, some express concerns about upfront fees, which can be substantial, and the lengthy process, which can take months or even years.  

Here’s a breakdown of the key points: 


  • High success rate (claimed 98%) 
  • Extensive experience (over 15,000 clients helped) 
  • Legal expertise and negotiation skills 
  • 100% money-back guarantee 
  • Professional communication 


  • High upfront fees 
  • Lengthy process 
  • Some negative reviews about communication and lack of progress 
Services of Wesley Financial Group 

Wesley Financial Group offers comprehensive timeshare cancellation services to liberate individuals from the burdensome commitments associated with timeshare ownership. The company’s services are tailored to provide practical and legal solutions to clients facing difficulties with their timeshare contracts. Here’s an overview of the critical services offered by Wesley Financial Group: 

  • Free Consultation: Wesley Financial Group initiates the process with a free consultation. This allows the client to discuss their specific timeshare situation with the company’s experts. During this initial assessment, the team evaluates the viability of assisting the client in canceling their timeshare. 
  • Contract Analysis: One of the crucial steps in the timeshare cancellation process involves a thorough examination of the client’s timeshare contract. Wesley Financial Group’s team of legal experts meticulously reviews the contract, identifying potential loopholes, misrepresentations, or violations that could form the basis for cancellation. 
  • Customized Plan: Upon determining that they can assist the client, Wesley Financial Group devises a customized plan tailored to the individual’s unique circumstances. This plan outlines the specific steps & strategies to be employed in the timeshare cancellation process. 
  • Legal Expertise: Wesley Financial Group boasts a team of legal professionals who specialize in finding the intricate landscape of timeshare contracts. Leveraging their expertise, the company aims to build strong cases for cancellation based on legal grounds, ensuring a comprehensive and effective approach. 
  • Communication and Transparency: Throughout the entire process, Wesley Financial Group strongly emphasizes communication and transparency. Clients are kept informed at every stage, receiving updates on the progress of their cases. This commitment to openness fosters trust and ensures that clients remain empowered with knowledge about the status of their timeshare cancellation. 


Deciding whether to trust Wesley Financial Group with your timeshare cancellation is a personal choice. While they have helped many families achieve their vacation freedom, the high upfront fees and lengthy process might deter some. Thorough research, including reading both positive and negative Wesley Financial Group reviews, is crucial before making a decision. 

Remember, exiting a timeshare is a complex process. Proceed with caution, do your due diligence, and make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances.

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